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About G. Rucker Associates, LLC

        G. Rucker Associates, LLC is a full service accounting and bookkeeping services firm located in East Haddam, Connecticut.  Our firm specializes in providing outsourced online bookkeeping and payroll services, in addition to accounting software support, training and general business consultation.  Everyday, we strive to understand the challenges facing our clients and respond by providing efficient and cost effective bookkeeping services. We are experts at implementing advanced technological and organizational solutions.
        G. Rucker Associates, LLC was established in 2005 and today still remains small enough to be extemely flexible and competitively priced.  We service small and medium sized businesses throughout the New England area.  Our firm's bookkeeping services address the needs of the many business owners who do not have qualified accounting or bookkeeping staff members.  Many of these business owners are finding their in-house bookkeeping staff is not properly trained in bookkeeping or accounting software and experience a high volume of staff turnover. Often times not getting the financial expertise to make good business decisions, take advantage of new tax laws or maximize profits. 

        Through an easy evaluation process, G. Rucker Associates, LLC can recognize these problems and advise the solutions necessary to help your business move ahead.  Through our business consultation and bookkeeping services, business owners are saving money everyday, and we make our expert services very affordable along the way.  From building contractors to nonprofit agencies and computer technology companies, G. Rucker Associates, LLC works with organizations in all types of industries and provides services that are based upon years of expertise, understanding and knowledge, all combined to help your business improve cash flow and grow successfully.